William Hill
221-223 Balgreen Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2RZ

William Hill is a betting shop locates at 221-223 BALGREEN ROAD, Edinburgh, Scotland. The post code of 221-223 BALGREEN ROAD is EH11 2RZ.

William Hill · 221-223 BALGREEN ROAD

Business Name William Hill
Description betting shop
Business Class Class 2
Address 221-223 BALGREEN ROAD
Post Code EH11 2RZ

street_number: 221
route: Balgreen Road (Balgreen Rd)
locality, political: Edinburgh
postal_town: Edinburgh
admin_level_2, political: Edinburgh
admin_level_1, political: Scotland
country, political: United Kingdom (GB)
postal_code, postal_code_prefix: EH11
types : street_address
latitude: 55.9342116
longitude: -3.2460722
latlng: (55.9342116, -3.2460722)

William Hill in Edinburgh

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William Hill 221-223 BALGREEN ROAD EH11 2RZ betting shop
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