46-50 Ashley Terrace, Edinburgh, EH11 1RY

Margiotta is a grocer locates at 46-50 ASHLEY TERRACE, Edinburgh, Scotland. The post code of 46-50 ASHLEY TERRACE is EH11 1RY.

Margiotta · 46-50 ASHLEY TERRACE

Business Name Margiotta
Description grocer
Business Class Class 1
Address 46-50 ASHLEY TERRACE
Post Code EH11 1RY

street_number: 47-50
route: Ashley Terrace
postal_town: Edinburgh
admin_level_2, political: Edinburgh
admin_level_1, political: Scotland
country, political: United Kingdom (GB)
postal_code: EH11 1RY
types : street_address
latitude: 55.9335106
longitude: -3.2296526
latlng: (55.9335106, -3.2296526)

Margiotta in Edinburgh

Margiotta 142-143 COMISTON ROAD EH10 5QN grocer & n/t/c
Margiotta 122-124 DUNDAS STREET EH3 5DQ grocer / convenience store
Margiotta 46-50 ASHLEY TERRACE EH11 1RY grocer
Margiotta 38 HAYMARKET TERRACE EH12 5JZ grocer
Margiotta 102-104 MARCHMONT ROAD EH9 1BG grocer / convenience store
Margiotta 77 WARRENDER PARK ROAD EH9 1ES grocer (lic.)
Margiotta 71(GF)-75 NORTHUMBERLAND EH3 6JG grocer

Edinburgh Business EH11 1RY

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Tainsh Pharmacy 37 ASHLEY TERRACE EH11 1RY chemist
Margiotta 46-50 ASHLEY TERRACE EH11 1RY grocer
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Owen and Co 41 ASHLEY TERRACE EH11 1RY chartered accountants
Revive Beauty 39 ASHLEY TERRACE EH11 1RY beauty salon
Pollination 42 ASHLEY TERRACE EH11 1RY florist

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Bitz and Bobz 292 GORGIE ROAD EH11 2PP hairdresser (ladies & gents)
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Edinburgh Craft Shop 23-25 SLATEFORD ROAD EH11 1PA art & craft products
Salvation Army 113-115 DALRY ROAD EH11 2DR charity shop
7 Brothers Cafe 195 GORGIE ROAD EH11 1TT hot food take-away (fish & chips, pizzas)
Fountain News 157 DUNDEE STREET EH11 1BY grocer
NEUSS CIC 372 GORGIE ROAD EH11 2RQ advice service
Scotts 123 DALRY ROAD EH11 2DR n/t/c
British Heart Foundation Furniture Store 56A DALRY ROAD EH11 2BA charity
Dino's 12 STENHOUSE CROSS EH11 3JU hot food take-away
Caf 79 DALRY ROAD EH11 2AA caf
AEIS 5 ANGLE PARK TERRACE EH11 2JX electrician & plumber
Simbba Technologies 217 GORGIE ROAD EH11 1TU computers & computer parts
Scotmid 116B POLWARTH GARDENS EH11 1LH grocer / convenience store
McRae of Gorgie 133 GORGIE ROAD EH11 1TH pictures & picture framing

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