45 Clerk Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9JQ

Barnardo's is a Barnardo's locates at 45 CLERK STREET, Edinburgh, Scotland. The post code of 45 CLERK STREET is EH8 9JQ.

Barnardo's · 45 CLERK STREET

Business Name Barnardo's
Description Barnardo's
Business Class Class 1
Post Code EH8 9JQ

Barnardo's in Edinburgh

Barnardo's 18-24 GORGIE ROAD EH11 2LZ charity shop
Barnardo's 7A WESTER HAILES CENTRE EH14 2SW charity shop
Barnardo's 106 NICOLSON STREET EH8 9EJ charity shop
Barnardo's 45 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ Barnardo's
Barnardo's 144-150 LEITH WALK EH6 5DT charity shop
Barnardo's 26 CRIGHTON PLACE EH7 4NY charity shop
Barnardo's 196 PORTOBELLO HIGH STREE EH15 1EX charity shop
Barnardo's 29-31 DEANHAUGH STREET EH4 1LR charity shop

Edinburgh Business EH8 9JQ

Giligula 57 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ hot food take-away (chinese)
Barnardo's 45 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ Barnardo's
The Paper Gallery 49 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ greeting cards & gifts
Apothecary 47 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ curios
Gordon Black 65 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ hairdresser
Bailey's Barber 39 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ hairdresser (gents)
Superstores 43 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ grocer
Vogue Video 59 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ videotape hire
Indian Mela 63 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ restaurant
Stitch Master 37 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ clothing alterations, sewing, tailoring
Tikka Mahal 53 CLERK STREET EH8 9JQ restaurant (Indian)

Edinburgh Business EH8

The Tri Centre 57-59 CLERK STREET, SOUTH EH8 9PP sports equipment & clothing
Pancho Villa's 240 CANONGATE EH8 8AB restaurant
M. Afzal & Son 119 PIERSFIELD TERRACE EH8 7BS n/t/c
Destinations 10 WOLSELEY PLACE EH8 7AD travel agent
Royal Bank of Scotland 5 BRISTO SQUARE EH8 9AL bank
WaWa 13 CROSSCAUSEWAY, WEST EH8 9JW hot food take-away (noodle bar)
Queen's Hall (office) 2 CLERK STREET, SOUTH EH8 9JE office
Multicultural Advice & Information Service 137 BUCCLEUCH STREET EH8 9NE advice office
Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe 143-145 CANONGATE EH8 8BN Christmas decorations
Optical Express 6A ST. PATRICK STREET EH8 9HB optician
focus 270 CANONGATE EH8 8AA clothing, footwear
Hot head 17 NICOLSON STREET, WEST EH8 9DA hairdresser
Brahler-ics 135-135A ST. LEONARD'S ST EH8 9RB conference equipement interpretation service
Laurence Smith & Son 61 PLEASANCE EH8 9TQ wholesale wines
Spar 25 NORTHFIELD FARM AVENUE EH8 7QY grocer / convenience store
Fresco 223 CANONGATE EH8 8BJ hot food take-away
Marion's 15 LADY NAIRNE PLACE EH8 7LZ hairdresser
Meadowbank School of Motoring 33 PARSONS GREEN TERRACE EH8 7AF driving school
Music @ Mevtaylors 58 CLERK STREET EH8 9JB musical
R.S. McColl 38 NICOLSON STREET EH8 9DT n/t/c