Bartley Green School
Adams Hill, Birmingham B32 3QJ, United Kingdom

Bartley Green School · Adams Hill, Birmingham B32 3QJ, United Kingdom

Place Name Bartley Green School
Rating 4.5
Place Address Adams Hill, Birmingham B32 3QJ, United Kingdom
Vicinity Adams Hill, Birmingham
Phone Number 0121 476 9246
International Phone +44 121 476 9246
Type school, point_of_interest, establishment

Review · Bartley Green School

Liam willians 3 this school is ok but when they say there is no bullying they are right i got bullied
Sean Leach 5 Having near enough completed my 4th year at this school, I can honestly say, this school is amazing. The support provided by all of the teaching staff, regardless of how well you know each other, is excellent. There are no barriers in communication between anybody, and you can feel perfectly safe and accepted no matter where you are. You don't see teachers as superiors, you see them as friends, friends who will always be there to provide assistance to you, and can be relied on to give the outstanding help you'd expect from staff at an outstanding school. Having been taught by a variety of different staff members, I can say without a doubt that this school is 6/5, and if I could rate it higher, I could. I highly recommend this school to primary school pupils looking for a great secondary school, and will value my time here for the rest of my life.
Amy 5SOS 5 Having almost spent my 3rd year in this school, I can honestly say how amazing it is and how fortunate I was to get into this fantastic school. When I first started, I got teased for how smart I was but with the help of staff and learning mentors, I have never been so confident and now I can hang out with my best friends instead of feeling uncomfortable wherever I went. I recommend this school to primary school pupils because you might come in timid, shy and lonely but think of the opportunities people get. Pupils who had a KS2 level have left with C or higher.
Kimberley Swales 2 My experience has been absolutely appalling! I started Bartley Green School in year 7 and the staffs behaviour to me has been outstandingly disconcerting! Just because I have motor development delay everyday I go into school I get bullied not just by the pupils but also by the staff, but the staff won't admit to it because they've all got each others back for each other all the time. I suggest you don't take your children to this school otherwise they'll grow up immature and thinking they can rule the world. And if you are wondering to yourself what the teachers do to me just because I have special needs what they do is they come up into my face like they're my parent and shout in my face just because I don't understand certain things, but thankfully I had a lucky espace.
Ben Hewitt 5 Having nearly completed my time at BGS, I can say just one thing. Thank you. I came into Secondary School a timid, shy and frankly lonely boy, and now I will soon be leaving as a Confident, Mature and respectable young adult, and the support of the teaching staff at BGS were paramount to this. Not only do they go out of their way to make sure we succeed academically, they become closer to us as individuals. It's a rare thing to view teachers as friends, and to have personal conversations about music choices, troubles or hobbies with them, but all of this happens here. The staff provide us with academic knowledge, which is of course very important, but they give us more. They give us the determination and will to succeed and do our very best even when the going gets tough. They give us passion for subjects and hobbies that we love, making even the most mundane topics seem suddenly relevant and incredibly exciting. They push the best and brightest to get the A*'s, and help less able pupils to do incredibly well. They allow us to manage our own workloads, giving us the chance to learn skills that are essential in later life, such as time management, teamwork and independent learning. Contrary to another review on here, the school provides excellent support to SEN pupils, with external visits, dedicated SEN staff and a plethora of opportunities. Bullying is relentlessly clamped down on here, and when it does happen, as it will, the staff do everything to stop it quickly. The staff go out of their way to help us with topics that confuse or inspire us, willing to spend hours and hours working with you on a one-one basis if you need or want it. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bartley Green School, and I would recommend it to anybody, regardless of their ability, because the staff WILL make you the best you can be, as a student and a person.

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